As a team member at Reverb, you will play a critical role in ensuring it’s success and the reach in our city. Consider stepping into a dedicated role for the next 6 months to see us reach people further…faster! Each of us will play a part in seeing others have their “One Day” Experience in Jesus Christ.

All of our team members sign up for a set number of service opportunities within a 6 month period of time. Options include 13 or 26 Sunday’s, based on what department you serve in.

Thank you in advance for Resounding the Message in our city. You make it possible for people to hear the Gospel and lives to be changed forever. Here are the various departments and their serve opportunities. You will select only one area and only one preferred service time. Each Team Member will serve in the area and time selected without crossing over to other departments for 6 months. Let’s change our city together.

Saved people, serve people. Perry Noble
Ready to serve? The Guest Experience Team could be for you! Every week the GX Team has a unique opportunity to touch nearly every person that walks through the doors of Reverb. Whether it’s in the parking lot, sidewalks, lobby, or auditorium, the GX Team plays an integral part in impacting lives, potentially forever. The GX team consists of parking team, ushers, greeters and more.
Are you interested in impacting the next generation? We have a dynamic children’s ministry that has a variety of opportunities for people to teach and help. From babies, walkers, toddlers, pre-k and elementary…there is a place for you. This is a great way to get to know other families at Reverb while making a huge impact on our kids.
Musicians & Singers – Want to help lead the people in our city in worship? This person would be joining a high-energy worship team and help to create an environment that allows people to encounter Jesus Christ through music.
From cameras to on-screen, we make the worship experience exciting with visuals. This person would be joining a high-energy worship team and help to create an environment that allows people to engage in the worship experience each week. Training is provided for all positions.
Do you dream of impacting the next generation of young people? Then Revive Night Student Ministry is for you! The student ministry has city-wide weekly event and small groups. You can be a part of leading small group discussions, hanging out with students, and teaching biblical principles.
Base Camp is a place for Reverb Kid’s to hang out once they have attended one experience. This space will have food, games, and more for the Reverb Team member kid’s.

Serve Team Commitment Form

Please let us know where you plan on serving to fulfill your 13 serve opportunities.