Bryan Lamoureux

Pastor Bryan has been happily married to Renee Lamoureux since 1995 and has two beautiful girls, Ashtyn and Taylor. His hobbies include surfing, hanging with Reverbers, reading, and trips with his family. Bryan has been involved in ministry since 1995 and is the founding and lead pastor of Reverb Church. 

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Terry Kuhlwein

Terry has been married since 1988 to Linda. They have been attending and serving at Reverb Church since the launch in 2012. After moving to Northeast Florida from Ohio in 2000, they have enjoyed residing in Clay County. Terry began his 30+ year career in healthcare as a volunteer firefighter/EMT.

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Jim Lackey

My Wife Cindy and I moved to Florida in 2005 having been raised in Indiana and Ohio, by family that escaped the Coal Mines and Plantations to find a better life. We both have been Christians for over half our lives and are seeking a deeper life in Christ even now because it is always a fresh and relevant Life. We joined Reverb Church at the time of Core Group and this because God has called us to the Gospel of Christ. 

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Andy Stone

  Andy has been with Reverb Church since it’s launch in 2012. He was married to his wife, Joyce, in 1993 and they have three high school/college-age children; Haley, Danai, and Drew Stone. Andy has worked as an engineer for the U.S. Navy from 1988 to present, and enjoys surfing, skateboarding, playing guitar, and hanging out with family & friends.

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Bryan Lamoureux

Lead Pastor (Vision & Teaching)

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Renee Lamoureux

Experience Director

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Billy Mills

Discipleship Pastor

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Shannon Matyi

Reverb Kid’s Director

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Ashtyn Lamoureux

Asst. Director to Reverb Kid’s

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Caleb Hamm

Communication’s Director

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Zach Day

Worship Director

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Pam Tressler

Executive Assistant

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Jeth Looney

Student Pastor / Revive Nights

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Joyce Stone

Lobby GX Coordinator

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Tom Wyatt

Auditorium GX Coordinator

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Gil Harris

Outside GX Coordinator

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Jeremy Bishop

Revive Nights Coordinator

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Maylene Gaston

fastFORWARD Coordinator

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Jason Humphrey

Post Media Coordinator

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Noel Wanchik

Revive Nights Worship Coordinator

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Becky Ward

Meals Coordinator

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Lee & Renee’ Gamborg

Care Coordinator

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Marwin Kirkham

Service Coordinator

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Jason Hausman

IT Coordinator

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