As I was praying for our church this year, I felt that the word for our church this year is MOMENTUM. I really believe that 2021 will be our very best year at Reverb. I'd like to invite you to join Kingdom Builders this year as we gather momentum and grow into our brand new permanent home.

- Pastor Bryan Lamoureux

Step 1. Join a Serve Team

We would love to see 500 serve team members at Reverb Church by the time we move into the building. It will take all of us to get ready for the thousands of people we see walk though the doors of our brand new building. So if you're not on a serve team already, we'd love to invite you to sign up today.

Step 2. Be Generous

Our Kingdom Builder goal for the year is $1M to go to our places, projects & people. To achieve this we have 3 specific goals:


Goal 1: Raise $500K by May 16th

Goal 2: Raise $250K by August 1st

Goal 3: Raise $250K by December 5th

KINGDOM BUILDERS 2021 GOAL - $1,000,000

  • $108K RAISED

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