Microsites serve to support Reverb Church’s mission which is to Resound the Message, Make Disciples and Plant Churches throughout the N.E. Florida area.
It’s more than a small group! It’s CHURCH in unique venues throughout our city. No matter the location, you will find real relationships, LIVE worship, and current video teaching from one of our teaching pastors. These micro-worship experiences provide an opportunity for those who:

  • Cannot attend our Main Campus Worship Experiences
  • Enjoy smaller worship gatherings
  • Who are missional minded in reaching people in a unique way.
  • Do not have a need for kids ministry. (All ages are welcome)

Our method of delivering the Gospel message through Microsites culminates in setting up a screen, projector, and sound system in remote locations in order to deliver the sermon experience. The advantage of this mobility is reaching deep into the places where the main campus or internet campus could never reach.

Visit one of our Microsites this week! Simply find the location nearest you and come on in.

Microsite Locations

Downtown St. Augustine

Maple Street Biscuit Company – Tuesdays 7PM (Hangz starting at 6:30P)
Address: 39 Cordova St, St Augustine, FL 32084
(Parking street-side is FREE after 5:30P.) Also conveniently located near the parking garage)

Location Host: Pastor Billy Mills

Email: [email protected]

A typical Microsite volunteer team is comprised of the following:

  • LOCAL TEAM LEAD | The Local Team Lead is the person responsible for keeping the team organized, informed, and accountable. They communicate with their team members to develop the service agenda by coordinating service elements such as the sermon, prayer, and live music, after which the Local Team Lead produces a weekly report including prayer requests, impacts, salvations, stories, etc.
  • HOST LEAD | The Host Lead serves as the pastoral connection to the attendees. They are responsible for opening and closing announcements, accompanying fellow team members in praying with and caring for attendees, and leading people through a salvation prayer.
  • GUEST EXPERIENCE LEAD | The Guest Experience Lead oversees a team of guest experience volunteers who serve the attendees, meeting their physical needs before their spiritual needs. They are responsible for planning and coordinating the refreshments, meals, and/or beverages for the experience.
  • STORYTELLER | The story teller takes pictures and collects stories of life-change happening at the Microsite that they will share with our Creative Department.
  • OPERATIONS LEAD | The Operations Lead is responsible informing our church leadership of the wonderful developments of the Microsites ministry by collecting metrics such as attendees, volunteers, and salvations from the different sites on a weekly basis.
  • PRODUCTION LEAD | The Technical Lead of each site is responsible for resolving the technology issues that interfere with bringing the church service experience to those who cannot attend one of our campuses. They also train others on how to set up and take down the mobile church experience.
  • *It should be noted that many volunteers may be dual or triple-hatted into the positions described above.  For example, a team lead could also serve at the same time as the host lead.
There are two ways you can be take part in this ministry:

  1. Serve as a Microsite team member or volunteer lead
  2. Help us find Microsite locations
fastFORWARD is the natural starting point for everyone at Reverb Church. We’ve designed this two part event specifically so that you can: see if Reverb Church is a place that you could call home, discover your unique gifts, and clearly see how you fit into God’s eternal plan for His people, His kingdom, and His church. To serve at one of our Microsite, fastFORWARD is a requirement. For more information, please click here.