37 For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37 ESV

Is there something worth reaching for? That question longs to be answered in the heart of every person. What if there was a black and white answer for that question? Whether you are a corporate executive, student, or a stay at home mom, our Touch the Sky sermon series will begin answering how we find true fulfillment in everything we do in this life. Invest in yourself and family this January and discover what God says about Touching the Sky and reaching our greatest potential this year.

The “Touch The Sky” sermon series will begin January 8th 2017. Reverb has discussion groups called “Big Idea”  for those looking to study these topics deeper. Find the help you need in your current relationships by getting plugged into our “Big Idea” groups. They are perfect for growing in relationship with God and community with others who maybe walking through similar situations. Remember, none of us are perfect! The goal is to continue to grow in our relationships with God.


Get the most out of this series by joining a BIG IDEA group that will further discuss this topic through the week.  CLICK HERE to view a list of the reGroups nearest you.