Jesus said in Matthew 6; For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 

Are you living a Selfish or Selfless life? When we are born, the default of our heart is to be selfish. When we are become a Christian (born-again) we are given a new heart and new nature. Sometimes our heart needs to be reminded of what Jesus has done for it. Many are experiencing the dream home … wonderful kids … the ideal job … and yet, an overwhelming feeling of absolute emptiness as we try to hold to everything we have. What if the Bible told us there’s so much more and a different way to live! Everyday we are faced with real decision that will either keep you in bondage or set you free. Join Pastor Bryan Lamoureux for Reverb Church’s Selfless sermon series. Discover how to have a blessed life and make a real difference today in the lives of others.

The Selfless sermon series will begin Nov 5th 2017. Reverb has discussion groups called “Big Idea”  for those looking to study these topics deeper. Find the help you need in your current relationships by getting plugged into our “Big Idea” groups. They are perfect for growing in relationship with God and community with others who maybe walking through similar situations. Remember, none of us are perfect! The goal is to continue to grow in our relationships with God.



Get the most out of this series by joining a BIG IDEA group that will further discuss this topic through the week. CLICK HERE to view a list of the reGroups nearest you.

Reverb Church’s Sunday worship experience is held in the Auditorium of  Pacetti Bay Middle School.  Don’t let the school address fool you. This place is transformed into a radical place of Worship filled with hundreds of passionate people every Sunday.  Reverb is located in the heart World Golf Village near the intersection of Pacetti Rd. (CR 13A) and Meadowlark Ln.  From Interstate 95, take the International Golf Parkway exit. We are excited about your visit and look forward to seeing you.

At Reverb, we believe people matter to God and so every guest should be treated as a gift. There will be special parking for our VIP’s (First Time Guests). When you arrive, simply turn on your hazard lights and our Guest Experience Team will handle the rest. There will be signs to remind you when you drive in.

Location: Pacetti Bay Middle School 245 Meadowlark Lane, St. Augustine, FL 32092