If we are honest, so many times we can feel confused or left with questions about the most controversial person who has ever lived, Jesus Christ. In fact, our history divides it’s timeline based on his life (i.e. B.C. Before Christ and A.D. Anno Domini (In the year of our Lord). Origins is a new sermon series at Reverb Church designed to answer real questions about Jesus and His Church. So, whether you exploring the Christian faith or have been a follower of Jesus for a long time, this series is for you. Our hope is to deepen your understanding of what the Bible and History have to say about the most important person who has ever lived.

Here is a list of the questions we will be answering.

  • Is Jesus the Only God?
  • How human was Jesus?
  • How did people know Jesus was coming?
  • Why did Jesus come to Earth?
  • Why is the Virgin Birth so Important?
  • What did Jesus accomplish on the Cross?
  • Did Jesus Rise from Death?
  • What makes Jesus Superior to other Saviors?
  • What is the Christian Life?
  • What is a Christian Church?
  • Who leads the Church?
  • What are Baptism and Communion?
  • What is a Missional Church?