“The better you are at surrounding yourself with people of high potential, the greater your chance for success.” John Maxwell

The number one goal for anyone that Leads Like Jesus is to reproduce leadership like Jesus did. We have two tracks that will be available following 1.0 and we would love for you to take the next step. Jump into Leadership Track 2.0 starting the week of October 14th, 2015. Select one of the two options below that fits your schedule and stretches your leadership abilities. 

Option #1 Maximize & Multiply

As a part of the LT 2.0, we would like you to select (2-3) people to take through the “Lead Like Jesus” book and the LT 1.0. All the materials will be provided (including books) and an ongoing coaching call with Pastor Bryan for Q&A. The goal is to raise up another group of strong leaders that will lead a LT Group after the 8 weeks using LT 1.0 materials or join Option 2. The candidates will be selected from Reverb Church and confirmed by Pastor Bryan.

Option #2 Shadow & Serve

Take the time to learn what we do week in and week out. Go behind the scenes and study under different Reverb leaders from Guest Service to Reverb Kids for 8 weeks. Learn Why and How they do ministry with all the right Reverb DNA. This track will allow you to see all areas of ministry opportunities at Reverb Church and discover your passion. Each week, you will send a weekly update to the Department Leader you served under with a summary of what you learned, what you loved, what’s confusing, and any list of potential ideas of ways we could do it different.

Registration will end September 30th 2015 for LT 2.0.

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