Jesus said in Matthew 6; For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. There is a battle over your heart!

Many are experiencing the dream home … wonderful kids … the ideal job … and yet, an overwhelming feeling of absolute emptiness. There’s so much more! Everyday we are faced with real decision that will either keep you in bondage or set you free. Join Pastor Bryan Lamoureux for Reverb Church’s Where’s Your Heart sermon series and discover how to have a blessed life and make a real difference today in the lives of others.

The Where’s Your Heart sermon series will begin October 30th 2016. Reverb has discussion groups called “Big Idea”  for those looking to study these topics deeper. Find the help you need in your current relationships by getting plugged into our “Big Idea” groups. They are perfect for growing in relationship with God and community with others who maybe walking through similar situations. Remember, none of us are perfect! The goal is to continue to grow in our relationships with God.


Get the most out of this series by joining a BIG IDEA group that will further discuss this topic through the week.  CLICK HERE to view a list of the reGroups nearest you.